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YourRoboTrader is a service that provides customized automation programming for use in the Forex and Crypto Trading markets. With regard to the development of automated trading systems, they are among the top service providers.




October 22, 2022


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The Problem

They have been working on German-made trading robots for a long time. Their staff members not only have a deep interest in the financial markets, but also extensive knowledge of asset management and banking.

Given a large number of English-speaking traders, YourRoboTrader has decided to expand into the English market. They have decided to work with FinPR because they believe it would assist them in reaching the audience they are seeking.

Build SEO Optimization Content

We worked with YouRoboTrader to develop SEO-optimized content that will help it rank higher and assist the company meets more of its content marketing objectives. The authority and importance of YourRoboTrader’s website will expand as a result of publishing quality material, which strengthens its SEO potential.

Create Collaboration with Funded Trading

We formed a collaboration between YouRoboTrader and Funded-Trading. We commissioned YourRoboTrading to develop a free bot for Funded Trading in order to introduce their services to the English-speaking market. Traders loved this freebie, and it gave them a taste of the high-quality YourRoboTrader trading bots that they could later purchase.

Create a Press Release for Immediate Exposure

Our expertly crafted press releases raise consumer awareness of YourRoboTrader and help it gain exposure quickly. The company’s entrance into the English-language market was one of the key announcements we noted. We were able to secure press coverage on Fox, Benzinga, Marketwatch, Yahoo (News, Finance, and Money), Bloomberg, and Yahoo (News, Finance, and Money).

The Outcome

Our search engine optimization efforts paid off by increasing the number of visitors to YourRoboTrader and strengthening its position in the search results. There were 555 backlinks, 577 full-page press mentions, and a potential 6 billion readers.

Always keep in mind that solid PR may help your company remain relevant, build important relationships, expand your customer base, and boost your bottom line. Our services help YourRoboTrader attract more customers via increased visibility in the media and the distribution of engaging content. If you want help promoting your Brand strategy, just give us a call.

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